​Boating on the bay


Port Phillip Bay is a popular location for boating, fishing, yachting and other aquatic pastimes – but it is also a gateway for commercial shipping.

For safety, the ‘Steer Clear’ campaign run by Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne) reminds recreational boat owners and operators that anchoring or mooring in shipping channels is extremely dangerous and illegal.

Steering clear of large ships is the best way for recreational fisherman and boat operators to responsibly enjoy their time on Port Phillip Bay.

The facts

  • There are around 8000 shipping movements in Port Phillip Bay each year.
  • These big ships do not have brakes or the manoeuvrability to avoid small boats.
  • Small boats are often hard to spot from a ship’s bridge.
  • Don’t assume the ship can see you just because you can see the ship.
  • The speed of big ships is often deceptive. It is important that small boats stay well clear of their path at all times rather than trying to move away at the last minute.
Boating on the bay