​NTMs in force 1 January 2017

Victorian Notices to Mariners (NTMs) issued by Victorian Ports Corporation(VPCM) provide legal notification of changes to port waters that could affect the safe and efficient movement of shipping in or out of the Port of Melbourne. The master of a vessel must ensure the vessel carries copies of, and complies with, NTMs affecting the port or port waters.

This page has links to Port of Melbourne Corporation- and VPCM-issued NTMs issued before 2017 which were still in force on 1 January 2017, as advised in Victorian Notice to Mariners 001(T)-17.

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For all Victorian NTMs issued before 2017, please go to the Victorian Regional Channels website.

​366(T)-16​Port of Melbourne / Swanson Dock East - Cathodic protection rehabilitation works extended​21 Dec 2016
​340(T)-16​Port of Melbourne / Appleton Dock 'D' - Shed demolition ramp pile rehabilitation works and relocation of navigation light extended​1 Dec 2016
​330(T)-16Port of Melbourne - Holden Dock - Rehabilitation and pile protection works - Berth closure - December 2016​24 Nov 2016
​322(T)-14​Port of Melbourne / Yarra River - Bolte Bridge - Starboard hand beacon missing​15 Nov 2016
​318(T)-16Port of Melbourne / Port Melbourne Channel - Direction Light - Temporary suspension of Range Light​14 Nov 2016
​233(T)-16​Port of Melbourne / 1 Maribyrnong - Rehabilitation works & berth closure - August 2016​11 Aug 2016


NTMs in force 1 January 2017