Operations at Station Pier this week commencing 06 April 2020

Article Date: 1/04/2020

MV Golden Princess

The Golden Princess departed Station Pier this morning at 0600 hours. She had arrived alongside on 19 March 2020 and disembarked her passengers and non-essential crew. She has been in lay up alongside Station Pier Outer West berth since that time.

MV Pacific Aria

On Tuesday 07 April 2020 at approximately 0600 hours the Pacific Aria will come alongside Station Pier to discharge solid and liquid waste, load fuel, provisions and ships stores.

The Pacific Aria has 573 crew on board. There are no passengers embarked. No crew will be disembarking while in the port of Melbourne.

The Pacific Aria will leave the berth following completion of the loading activity. At this time she is due to depart on the evening of Tuesday 07 April 2020. On departure from the port of Melbourne she will proceed to sea.

The Pacific Aria has been approved by the Australian Government Maritime Traveller Processing Committee (MTPC) to undertake a Technical Stop in the port of Melbourne.

Prior to calling at the port of Melbourne the Pacific Aria has been at anchor in the Port Adelaide anchorage. Due to berth congestion in Port Adelaide she was unable to go alongside to discharge waste and load stores. She departed Port Adelaide on Sunday 05 April 2020 and has been encountering strong swells in the Great Australian Bight. She is expected to enter Port Phillip in the early hours of Tuesday morning and will proceed to Station Pier. Her call in the port of Melbourne is for critical logistics support before a long voyage.

The Pacific Aria is operated by P&O Cruises Australia and is registered in the port of London. The Pacific Aria has called in the port of Melbourne eight times this season carrying passengers from Melbourne on a series of short cruises to Tasmania and South Australia. Most recently she was in Melbourne on 08 March 2020. Her last port of call outside Australian territorial waters was in New Guinea (Conflict Islands) on 02 February 2020.

MV Viking Orion

The Viking Orion remains laid up at anchor in Port Phillip awaiting orders from its owner.

The terms laid up or in lay-up are commonly used terms in the maritime industry and mean that the vessel is temporarily idle due to lack of cargo/passengers and is not undertaking commercial operations. Vessels in lay-up or laid up are normally manned, that is the crew is on board and performing normal operations and maintenance tasks. This is the case with the Viking Orion.

The Viking Orion has sufficient crew on board to:

  • maintain safe watch keeping either alongside or at anchor,
  • respond to any emergency situations,
  • comply with the VPCM Harbour Master’s Directions, and
  • comply with the international maritime codes of practice (ISM and ISPS).

VPCM understands that the Viking Orion is complying with all of the directions of the Australian Government. The Viking Orion is making the necessary preparations to leave port of Melbourne once provisioning and loading of bunkers and ship stores is complete.

She is expected to come alongside at Station Pier on Wednesday 08 April 2020. The Viking Orion is expected to depart port of Melbourne on Thursday 09 April 2020. Her time of departure has not been confirmed as yet.

Compliance with Australian and Victorian Government requirements:

The operations of vessels in the port of Melbourne are monitored by the Australian Border Force (ABF) and the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE). DAWE is responsible for biosecurity and together with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is ensuring that the vessels comply with the applicable Commonwealth and Victorian Government legislation and regulations.

VPCM is complying with the normal Australian and Victorian Government legislation and regulation. In addition, the following directions are in place:

  • Biosecurity (Human Biosecurity Emergency) (Human Coronavirus with Pandemic Potential) (Emergency Requirements) Amendment Determination (No 1) 2020 dated 27 March 2020 issued by the authority of the Minister for Health.
  • Cruise Ship Docking Direction from the Deputy Chief Health Officer (Communicable Diseases) in accordance with the emergency powers arising from declared state of emergency. Cruise Ship Docking. Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic) Section 200.  

While vessels are alongside Station Pier a Landside Restricted Zone (LRZ) is in place. While an LRZ is in place Station Pier is closed to public access.

Operations at Station Pier this week commencing 06 April 2020