HMAS Melbourne’s final visit

Article Date: 11/09/2019

​The Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) guided missile frigate HMAS Melbourne will berth at Station Pier on Friday morning 13 September 2019 for a five-day farewell visit to the city where she was built.

The ship has seen service in areas including the Middle East, East Timor and Asia since being commissioned in 1992.

She is now the last Adelaide-class frigate to serve with the RAN and will be decommissioned later this year.

The crew will exercise their Freedom of Entry to the city by marching up Swanston Street towards the Melbourne Town Hall on Saturday 14 September.

Best place to view HMAS Melbourne

  • West Finger Pier next to Station Pier, Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne
  • Princes Pier, Port Melbourne

Please note, there is limited public parking near Station Pier but the Route 109 tram service runs directly to Waterfront Place.

More information

For more information about the visit or the ship, please refer to the RAN website.

HMAS Melbourne’s final visit