New VTS era for Melbourne

Article Date: 25/09/2020

​The installation of Victorian Ports Corporation’s new, world leading Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) system is well underway.

Rachel Johnson, CEO of Victorian Ports Corporation said, “The new VTS system will enhance safety and efficiency and that is good news for the whole port logistics and freight network.”

The innovative and highly advanced new system will deliver improved navigational safety and operational efficiency for commercial shipping in the ports of Melbourne and Geelong.

The new system includes major software and hardware upgrades to the Victorian Ports Corporation’s Port Operations Control Centre, as well as sensors and data collection sites around Port Philip Bay. It will produce higher quality data, allow better control of information and, by integrating with other existing systems, bring overall improvements in port operations under the supervision of the port of Melbourne Harbour Master.

VTS officers will benefit directly from ergonomic upgrades at the Port Operations Control Centre including better user interfaces, workstation layouts, upgraded sensors and new information displays.

The construction of the replacement system started in June this year and, as an essential service, has continued throughout Victoria’s COVID-19 lockdowns and the associated challenges. All work sites operate under strict health protocols in line with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services guidelines.

The project is running on schedule and training for VTS officers on the new system is underway in parallel with current port operations. Comprehensive testing and a detailed, phased rollout will see elements of the system gradually brought online from September 2020 to ensure continuity of VTS services. Project completion is scheduled for early 2021.

New VTS area in Victorian Ports Corporation's Port Operations Control Centre, Port Melbourne

New VTS era for Melbourne