Improving the health of the bay

Article Date: 13/11/2018
Photograph: Jarrod Boord Streamline Media

​Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne) VPCM is proudly supporting The Nature Conservancy Australia in their work to re-establish shellfish reefs in Port Phillip Bay.

These reefs are replacing those that have been lost as a result of human activities in the bay. The reintroduction of oysters, and other shellfish which purify water, enhances the overall health of the bay. An individual oyster can filter up to five litres of water an hour, enough to fill a bathtub in a day.

VPCM’s donation of $25,000 in 2018 enabled The Nature Conservancy to buy around 25,000 mature Angasi Oysters (also known as Australian Flat Oysters) from local shellfish growers to seed newly created reefs in Hobsons Bay. These oysters are now growing ‘fantastically’ well on the site. There is also natural recruitment happening on the reef.

In addition, The Nature Conservancy has recently added around 11 tonne of mussels to the site.

Read the latest about this project on the ABC News website.

​​Photos: Jarrod Boord Streamline Media

​Recycled shell reef in Port Phillip Bay.

​Re-established mussel reef in Port Phillip Bay


Improving the health of the bay