Ongoing support for health of the bay

Article Date: 23/07/2019

​VPCM is continuing its commitment to enhance the health of Port Phillip Bay by once again supporting The Nature Conservancy Australia in its work to re-establish shellfish reefs in Port Phillip Bay.

This year’s donation of $25,000 will be used to establish a bay-wide assessment for oyster reef restoration, gathering information on water quality, marine habitats, oyster lifecycles, recreational use, cultural sites, shipping, boating and fishing. The data will be critical in helping determine the most suitable locations for future oyster reef restoration.

The new reefs are replacing those that have been lost as a result of human activities in the bay and the reintroduction of oysters, and other shellfish which purify water, enhances the overall health of the bay.

Learn more by viewing these videos:

Ongoing support for health of the bay