​Governing legislation

Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne) (VPCM) is a public entity established under the Transport Integration Act 2010 (Vic) (TIA). The TIA sets out a legislative framework which guides VPCM’s management, development and operation of Station Pier and West Finger Pier and sets out VPCM’s statutory objects, functions and powers.

In addition, the TIA provides a framework for the provision of an integrated and sustainable transport system across Victoria and requires VPCM (as a transport body under the Act) to have regard to the stated 'transport system objectives' and 'decision making principles' when exercising its powers and performing its functions under any transport legislation.

The transport legislation under the TIA includes the:

  • Port Management Act 1995 (Vic) which sets out particular provisions for the operation and management of the port of Melbourne and provides VPCM with certain powers and functions in the areas of towage, hazardous activities and pollution.
  • Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) which provides for safe marine operations in Victoria and imposes a range of safety duties on various persons involved in the marine sector.  The Marine Safety Act also contains provisions regarding VPCM’s management of port waters and sets out the functions and powers of the port of Melbourne’s Harbour Master.

The above legislation is available on the Victorian Legislation website.

Governing legislation