1. Procurement complaints

Suppliers (or other interested parties) may make a complaint regarding a Ports Victoria procurement.

A complaint may be made by phone, by email (to procurement@vicports.vic.gov.au) or in person. However, complainants are encouraged to provide the complaint in writing to ensure that detail is recorded.

In order to make a procurement complaint, the following must be provided by the complainant:

  • Evidence that the department did not correctly apply supply policies in relation to a procurement activity;
  • Evidence that the department’s complaints management procedures were not applied correctly;
  • A copy of all relevant correspondence between the complainant and the department in relation to the nature of the complaint.

A complaint may be resolved quicker if the complainant provides the following information with the complaint:

  • name and contact details. A complaint may be made anonymously, but this may limit the response the complainant can receive
  • the procurement which is complained about, and why the complainant is dissatisfied
  • relevant details are provided, such as dates, times, location or reference numbers, and documents which support the complaint
  • the outcome the complainant is seeking from making their complaint
  • whether the complainant has any communication needs.

Ports Victoria should acknowledge complaints within 5 working days and aims to respond to the complaint within 20 working days.

If a complainant is not satisfied with the response, they can request an internal review of the complaint or, if the procurement is for goods and services, they can request the VGPB review the complaint.

2. Procurement Activity Plan

Ports Victoria has a Procurement Activity Plan which is updated on a regular basis. A summary of the plan is included below. Please note, it  is anticipated that this will be updated by mid-August 2022.

​No.​Procurement name
​Description of goods and services (with estimated quantities if known)​Estimated contract duration​Business unit
​Procurement contact details (including address for obtaining relevant documents)​Market Approach* (ITS, RFQ, RFT, EOI, SPC, open or selective)​Estimated Invitation to supply release date

(Quarter and year)
​1.​Station Pier deck and beams
​Station Pier deck and beams - remedial works
​4 years
​Station Pier
​Ahsan Aziz
​Public tender
​Q2 2022/23
​2.​Records Management Phases 1-3
​Records Management Phases 1-3
3 years and options, to be determinedICTCraig O'ConnorPublic tender​Q2 2022/23