​Transit Only Zone

Vessels must not anchor or drift within the Transit Only Zone. Penalties apply.

Where is the Transit Only Zone?

The Transit Only Zone (TOZ):

  • covers the Port Melbourne Channel south of Breakwater Pier, the waters approximately 500 metres to the west and 200 metres to the east of that channel. See map or table (below)
  • includes the Eastern By-Pass Channel and the Western By-Pass Channel
  • extends approximately 3 nautical miles to the south of Fawkner Beacon.

 View a large map of the Transit Only Zone (PDF 3.8 Mb)

How can small vessels use the TOZ?

The TOZ can only be used a transit route. A vessel must not be anchored or allowed to drift in the TOZ. Penalties apply.

What does the TOZ look like?

The TOZ is marked by Special Marks [VQ(4)Y4s], fitted with top marks and synchronised with each other. These beacons and buoys are located at intervals along both sides of the TOZ. See example images below.

Names and co-ordinates of the beacons and buoys

The TOZ means the zone as gazetted that is defined by an imaginary line joining co-ordinates indicated in the table below.

Please check the Notices to Mariners page for updates for Port of Melbourne waters.

Location name​Co-ordinates
​Commencing at Breakwater Pier light(a)  37° 51.86' S, 144° 55.07' E;
​Williamstown Channel beacon No. 17 (b)  37° 51.80' S, 144° 55.29' E;
​Williamstown Channel beacon No. 15 (c)  37° 52.09' S, 144° 55.56' E;
​Port Melbourne Channel beacon No. 70 ​(d)  37° 52.08' S, 144° 55.66' E;
​Port Melbourne Channel beacon No. 71(e)  ​37° 52.07' S, 144° 55.76' E;
​Beacon T25 ​(f)  37° 52.48' S, 144° 55.91' E;
​Beacon T1(g) ​38° 00.00' S, 144° 55.66' E;
​Beacon T2(h)  ​38° 00.00' S, 144° 54.87' E;
​Beacon T16​(i)  37° 55.60' S, 144° 55.19' E;
​Beacon T26(j)  ​37° 52.69' S, 144° 55.29' E;
​Back to Breakwater Pier light(a)  37° 51.86' S, 144° 55.07' E;

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Transit Only Zone