Cruise ship schedule 2020-21

Access to Station Pier
Cruise season usually runs from spring to autumn and Station Pier is closed to the public when cruise ships are berthed. The West Finger Pier is a good vantage point to view the ships. For more information, including car parking and transport, see Visiting Station Pier page.

When ships will pass through Port Phillip Heads:
Arrivals - subtract 3.5 hours from Station Pier ETA.  Departures - add 3.5 hours to Station Pier ETD.

Scheduled cruise ship visits to Melbourne and other Victorian ports. At 23 November 2020.

Turnaround visits - ship name bold with (T)  Partial turnaround (>500 pax) - ship name bold with (pT)
See berth locations and shipping agents' contact details below.

​Ship​ ​​​​ETA at berth​ ​​ETD from berth ​​Berth​Agent
Europa 2 (T)​Wed 06 Jan 2021​0600​Wed 06 Jan 2021​1800​OWSP​GAC
Regatta​Fri 08 Jan 2021​0700​Fri 08 Jan 2021​1600​OWSP​WSS
​Seven Seas Explorer​Fri 08 Jan 2021​1300​Fri 08 Jan 2021​2300​PI​WSS
Seven Seas Explorer​Sat 09 Jan 2021​1000​Sun 10 Jan 2021​1700​OESP​WSS
Oosterdam​​Mon 18 Jan 2021​0800​​Mon 18 Jan 20212359​OWSP​ISS
​Europa​Tue 19 Jan 20211800​Wed 20 Jan 2021​1900​OWSP​GAC
Regatta​Sat 30 Jan 2021​0900​Sun 31 Jan 2021​1800​OESP​WSS
Seven Seas Explorer​Mon 01 Feb 2021​2000​Tue 02 Feb 2021​1800​OWSP​WSS
Regatta​Thu 04 Feb 2021​1000​Fri 05 Feb 20211600​​OESP​WSS
Oosterdam​​Thu 11 Feb 2021​0800​​Thu 11 Feb 2021​1830​OWSP​ISS
​​Oosterdam​​Tue 16 Feb 2021​0800​Tue 16 Feb 2021​2359​OWSP​ISS
​Azamara Pursuit​Sat 20 Feb 2021​0800​​​Sat 20 Feb 2021​2200​​OESP​WSS
​Silver Explorer​Tue 23 Feb 2021​1230​Tue 23 Feb 2021​2330​PI​ISS
​Voyager of the Seas​Sat 27 Feb 2021​0800​​Sat 27 Feb 2021​2359​OWSP​WSS
Serenade of the Seas​Wed 10 Mar 2021​0800​Wed 10 Mon 2021​1700​OWSP​WSS
​Oosterdam​Thu 11 Mar 20210800​​​Thu 11 Mar 2021​1830​OWSPISS​
Oosterdam​Wed 17 Mar 2021​0800​​Wed 17 Mar 2021​2359​OWSP​ISS
Oosterdam​Sat 10 Apr 2021​0800​​Sat 10 Apr 2021​1830​OWSP​ISS
​Port of Melbourne berths​Other Victorian ports
​​OWSP = Outer West Station Pier
OESP = Outer East Station Pier
IWSP = Inner West Station Pier
VD = Victoria Dock
​​G = Geelong
M = Mornington Anchorage
P = Portland
PI = Phillip Island
​Shipping agent​Contact details
GAC - Gulf Agency Company (Australia) Pty Ltd

​Tel: +61 3 9646 8544

ISS - ​Inchcape Shipping Services Pty Ltd

​Tel: +61 3 8645 6900

WSS - ​Wilhelmsen Ships Service​Tel: +61 3 9630 0900

Agents must notify Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne) of any changes to this schedule.

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Cruise ship schedule 2020-21