​Station Pier operations in relation to COVID-19

Victorian Ports Corporation (Melbourne) (VPCM) is working closely with relevant Australian and Victorian government authorities in relation to the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak and continues to monitor the situation closely.

Operating protocol

The cruise season is underway at Station Pier and to protect pier workers, cruise passengers and the general public, VPCM is operating the pier under a special protocol.

The protocol is based on the health advisories issued by the Australian and Victorian governments and was developed in consultation with the Biosecurity section of the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment.

Passenger and crew health checks

As part of the protocol, disembarking and embarking cruise passengers and crew undergo health checks by Australian Government Biosecurity officers and the ship’s medical staff.

Australian Government controls

All people returning from overseas are required to self-isolate for 14 days in accordance with the requirements issued by the Australian Department of Health.

If any arriving ships have ill crew members or passengers on board they will be met by Biosecurity officers to assess the situation.

Australian Border Force has recently updated the advice on the travel controls for cruise ships and passengers as follows:

Advice for cruise passengers dated 15 March 2020

Update advice following cruise ship restrictions dated 15 March 2020

More information

The Australian Department of Health website has information sheets about COVID-19 covering a wide range of topics including for travellers, the marine industry and businesses.

Station Pier operations in relation to COVID-19