Port Safety Induction system

The Ports Victoria Port Safety Induction system provides essential safety information to people needing to work at Ports Victoria-controlled facilities and areas.

Who needs to do inductions

We have an induction system and all employees of ancillary service providers, contractors and consultants and any other person attending a Ports Victoria site for work must enrol and complete the induction/s.

Access to the system

Organisations with an operational need to access Station Pier must contact the Ports Victoria Port Safety Team, on the email address below, to register their organisation. They will then receive information on how to give their employees access to the site and the relevant induction/s.

Completing an induction

To successfully complete an induction, it must be viewed in full and at least 80% of the test questions answered correctly to successfully complete the course.

People will not be able to fast forward or skip through the induction; they will need to open each module and each page and answer the questions at the end. Only then will they be able to download their certificate of completion.

More information and support

If you need more information or have problems during an induction, please email PortSafety@ports.vic.gov.au and give a brief description of the problem (including screen shots if possible) and list the operating system and browser you are running.

Port Safety Induction system