Cargo terminal entry & exit requirements

Entry and exit requirements apply for Ports Victoria cargo terminal under the Customs and AusCheck Legislation Amendment (Organised Crime and Other Measures) Act 2013 (Cth) (the Act).

There are no exceptions to the access requirements.

Ports Victoria’s Station Pier facility (excluding TT-Line leased area) is classified as a cargo terminal under the Act.

Entry and exit requirements

A person must be nominated in writing by the cargo terminal hirer, shipping agent or ship’s master, as an approved person to enter the cargo terminal area of Station Pier. This includes international seafarers.

  • If the person has a valid Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC), issued to them:
    • with approved electronic swipe card access authority, swiping the card at the card reader will allow entry and exit
    • without access authority - they must use the visual verification system at the entry gate to identify themselves and display their MSIC to the Front Gate Security to allow entry and exit.
  • If the person is not an MSIC holder they must have a Ports Victoria-approved MSIC escort in place (charged in accordance with the Ports Victoria Reference Tariff Schedule) to be arranged before arrival. Once on site they must identify themselves and provide photographic proof of identification to security at entry.

How to nominate a person to enter a Ports Victoria cargo terminal

To nominate staff or contractors with an operational need to enter Ports Victoria’s cargo terminal, send an email to and ask for a PAMS access form. All persons that are nominated for entry must complete the Ports Victoria Online Safety Induction. When this has been completed please return the finalised form to the sender..

Reasons for the requirements

As a cargo terminal operator, Ports Victoria has a statutory obligation to record and produce to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on request, the date, time and particulars of every person who enters a Ports Victoria cargo terminal.

More information

For more information about the Act, please refer to the Australian Border Force website.

Cargo terminal entry & exit requirements